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What could be more finger How licking then the pizza from Eat'n'Lick are you a pizza lover the Eat’n’Lick is the best place to be.
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Quality food and pastas is very important to us. We do it using only the best freshest ingredients before you'll even know it you'll want more.
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Coffee is not about what's in your cup, it is the moment you create and here at Eat'n'Lick we help you create the best moments with our coffee. Made from the finest coffee on planet earth. ..
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Check out new and the latest burgers addition to the South African restaurant. Made from the pure beef, other greatest and freshest ingredients.
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Eat'n'Lick has a proud tradition of exception streak service. All beef served at Eat'n'Lick is from the quality and most juicy cows in South Africa. We are putting all our efforts to our menu to provide the best steak service at Eat'n'Lick
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We've finally made it to certify your soul and having the best mouth watering service from our menu, allow us to proved you with our sweet healthy desserts with more accommodating taste, we've moved it from the tradition sweets to sensual savoury.
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We offer excellent services.