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Waiter / waitress sfaff

Full-time / part-time

Amazing opportunity has arisen for experienced and non experienced waiter/waitress who has the passion for delivering the highest levels of service to join us.
Waiter/waitress you will be expected to: Have good product knowledge with the ability to deliver engaging and individual service to all guests at all times.
Attention to detail will be crucial to ensure consistency of service. Passionate about delivering the the highest levels of service with a desire to learn and work hard.
Keen to work effectively as part of a team. If this sounds like your kind of job, we'd really like you to hear from you. Call/WhatsApp H.R manager Trevis 0632011787

About Eat 'n' Lick

Entering the restaurant, you will be greeted by associate of our dedicated team. Eat'n'Lick relaxed environment offer a versatile setting for a range of engagements whatever your occasion. From a quick pre-football meal to a long Sunday lunch, business dining, or a cosy seat for an anniversary, we look forward to your stopover.


Our mission as Eat And Click is to enhance and educate the palate with the freshest ingredients and flavours, while surprising and exciting each guest with personal care and service.


Our aim is to connect the neighbourhood to the dining experience in the same way ingredients and connected to food.

The service you expect, the quality you deserve.

Our Values


Incorporates empowerment and innovation, the company strives to conduct its business in an efficient, effective, professional and accountable manner.


Include ethics and transparency, the restaurant shall ensure and foster trust trough its integrity, honesty and delivery.


People at the restaurant are passionate about what they do and have fun nurturing and strengthening prosperity and success.


The restaurant shall conduct business with integrity and provide excellent services, emphasize impartiality and recognize different.

What We Do

Quality only happens when you care enough to do your Best

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